Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Dunkin Donuts is all over the world. When I was in Bogota, Columbia, several years ago, I noticed everyone who got on our plane for a domestic flight was carrying at least two boxes of Dunkin Donuts. I asked about it and was told that particular outlet, in the Bogota airport, was reputed to ahve the best donuts in the country. When people visited friends or relatives and they flew from Bogota, Dunkin Donuts were de rigeur as a hostess gift.
We were in Solo, Indonesia, where there are also Dunkin Donuits. The photos below, however, are from the bakery department of a Carrefour (a French chain of hypermarches). The other trays were colored brilliant oranges and reds, and a third tray held lime green with orange polka dots. The muffiins were equally brilliant.
Would you eat one of these things?

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