Sunday, December 28, 2014


Happy holidays! I saw this delicious wreath last week in South Africa, and thought it deserved far wider exposure. It's simple and stunning, quick to assemble and will draw admiring comments from even the most jaded guest. I'm making one for New Year's Eve and will post a photo ASAP.

For one wreath, you'll need (larger quantities are for a larger - 16" diameter - wreath):
1-2 cans of artichoke quarters; drain and marinate in a good home-made vinaigrette for a day or two

1 16 oz. packet of mixed field greens, rinsed and spun dry
1 8 to 16 oz. packet of grape or cherry tomatoes, preferable yellow and red
4 to 8 oz. smoked salmon 
1/2 pound pitted kalamata olives (or your favorite)
6 oz. small mozzarella pearls, cut in half (marinate overnight if you wish)

1/3 c capers, any size, drained
1/3 c lemon-based vinaigrette (optional, to lightly drizzle just before serving)

To assemble: use a large round serving board, a wine barrel top if you're lucky enough to have one, or just cover a round circle of plywood or heavy corrugated cardboard with foil.
The outer circle of the wreath is the well-drained artichoke hearts, placed points outward.
Inside this, carefully mound the greens in a thick belt so it resembles a real wreath, then place the cherry tomatoes in small groups of 2 to 3. Stand back and adjust for look.
Cut the salmon in 1/2" strips along the longest edge. One at a time, twine them through the "wreath", twisting to make it appear like ribbon. Double up, or even make a bow at one side.
Add the drained mozzarella pieces, again placing them to appear like ornaments. Ditto the olives.
Sprinkle the capers around at random.
You can cover with plastic wrap and keep cold for two or three hours. Carefully anoint with dressing at the last instant, if desired. A lovely centerpiece, at its side brown bread, toasts, or your favorite cracker. Then dig in! Or stand back and enjoy the compliments!

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