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Normally, I would not mention a food item by name (I don't think that's my place in the scheme of things), but this one is too good not to share. This, fellow gelato lovers, is special.
I don't know who makes this stuff (please, don't tell me it's Kraft, makers of fine polyester cheeses), but I'd like to shake them by the hand. They have got it nailed. They have made a line of gelato and sorbetto flavors that is nothing short of sensational.
Given the steady downhill slide of American ice cream (new motto: it doesn't need taste as long as it produces profits), this news is nothing sort of revolutionary.
TALENTI. Write that name down and, next time you want a wow ending to a dinner party, or a little rampant self-indulgence, pick up a pint. Here in Florida, it's at Publix and Winn Dixie. It's probably other places as well. A while back, maybe a year ago, it was only in poshy upscale food outlets.
I'm slavering over Talenti's German Chocolate Cake now: luscious milky (but not milk) chocolate, crunchy pecans, coconut, all in the right proportion. I usually hate milk chocolate, but this is exactly right. Nothing insipid about it.
In past binges I've devoured the Sicilian Pistachio (try it with a sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper, by the way). It's beautifully balanced. I only wish it had big pistachio chunks in it. I say "piss-tash-ee-oh". My friend Lea says "piss-tass-ee-oh". Who is right?
The Sea Salt Caramel is to die for. I am a salt lover; I grind a tiny bit of Trader Joe's Himalayan Sea Salt on top for a bigger kick. I'm all about bigger food kicks. I suppose you could put store-bought caramel sauce on it, but don't tell me you did it; this deserves home made. If Talenti added swirls of thick caramel and got rid of the choc chips, I wouldn't object. But overall, they've done a fab taste job. about macadamia nuts? Hmmm....
And Banana Chocolate Swirl! Yes! Never thought I'd yearn for third helpings, but the great banana taste is irresistible (I like my bananas grilled, actually)(well, heck, next time I'll grill bananas, then put the ice cream over top).
Roman Raspberry is all about that rich raspberry flavor, and this not only tastes but looks berry-patch fresh. Pack this into liqueur glasses or tiny teacups (I have a set of Turkish tea glasses I got in Istanbul a long time ago, and they're perfect, take a peek at the photo), freeze them, then bring out with a single good cookie - maybe a nice chocolate biscotti? - for a light but smashing dessert that's all done in advance.
I also tried the Espresso Chocolate (may have that name wrong, it was so good it scrambled my brains), and it was superb: all that coffee sharpness tempered with chocolate. Yum!
And the golden-hued Alfonso Mango awaits, tucked safely in the back of the freezer where my kids won't see it. I am sure it will be a mouthful, with that lovely piney backnote that shouts mango! mango! mango! UPDATE: The Alfonso Mago is to die for. Eat it out of the container, or maybe pair it with another fruit flavor (the Roman Raspberry springs to mind). A superb summer flavor. Hey, I bet you could mix it with Prosecco for a fun pre-dinner cooler!
Next time, I'll get the Black Cherry. They were out of it at Publix, where this week it's a BOGO. UPDATE: Tried it, not as great as the other flavors, but then I'm comparing it with my memory of one I tried years ago that had cherry syrup through it. Still, miles areah of the competition.
Some food you can describe without all the adjectives. But Talenti sorbetti...deserve all the adjectives and adverbs I can think up: like rich...luscious...mouth-filling...honest...authentic...sumptuous...beautifully-balanced...reasonably priced. And you can resuse the containers, too. Such a plus!
Try them. I bet you won't find a single one you don't like. Let me know what you do with them other than scarf them down at 3AM. I already know all about that.

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